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We Are a Diverse and Constantly-Expanding Mix of Elite Traders Who Inspire One Another

We know that nothing provides more inspiration to reach one’s ultimate potential than a high-performance culture and peer group. Our collaborative team environment brings together elite traders and groups who engage in the markets while leveraging deep product knowledge, exceptional technology, specialized skills, and unique capabilities.


Scaling Successful Traders and Strategies

Geneva has developed some of the most successful traders and trading desks in the industry.  We attribute this success to our ability to identify talent, nurture this talent, and our constant and rigorous approach to support the growth and development of traders and teams who demonstrate responsible risk management and a “pattern of success” with capital, resources, and coaching.

When I was looking for a partner to launch an OTC trading team, I had three main requirements: technology, processes, and people.

IggyACE Team Lead & Geneva Partner

After a thorough review of the various options, there was only one company that was best in class in all three. Since that time, Geneva Trading has built on those strengths. Through key technology deliveries, more efficient operation and risk systems, and stability and support from management, Geneva Trading has exceeded my expectations and has enabled me and my team to stay razor focused on the markets and maximizing profit.

Principal Trading Expertise That Spans Across Exchanges, Asset Classes, and Strategies

Trading Expertise

OTC Markets

For over 15 years, Geneva has been a dominant market participant in the OTC block markets.  Geneva has developed and refined the industry’s best technologies, support services, and rigorous and collaborative risk management to allow our elite traders to manage large transactions and portfolios across many products and asset classes.

Algorithmic Trading

A successful algorithmic trading platform requires accurate and robust data harmonized with execution performance.  For traders and strategies that require ultra-low latency performance, anything less than perfection can result in failure. Geneva has invested heavily to develop the critical expertise and technologies to empower the most creative and sophisticated automated trading strategies.

Discretionary Trading

Geneva has a proven track record of identifying talent with the aptitude to become exceptional at recognizing and capitalizing on market opportunities.  This talent is developed and supported by a best-in-class execution platform with proprietary data visualization capabilities.

Relative Value

Geneva’s relative value experts leverage sophisticated modeling, historical analysis on extensive high-fidelity data, and our agile proprietary technology in their trading.

Market Making

For over 20 years, exchanges have relied on Geneva’s expertise at providing liquidity to support markets.  Our sophisticated market making expertise is informed and driven by our strengths in relative value trading, algorithmic trading, and discretionary trading.

Asset Classes



Fixed Income

Environmental Products


Equity Index

Foreign Exchange

Digital Assets

It’s a place where your ideas and innovations can thrive.

MarkTeam Lead and Geneva Partner

It’s a very empowering and entrepreneurial environment for traders. We have the freedom to deploy strategies and trade the products we want.

Our Trading and Technology Teams Work Together to Push the Bounds of What’s Possible

At Geneva, every trader has a voice in guiding our research and development to cultivate the technology resources that drive our collective success. Throughout our history, we have built a proprietary technology stack to optimize and accelerate principal trading performance, alongside concierge services to keep all aspects of our firm running smoothly and efficiently.

We Provide Our Traders with Cutting-Edge Support Resources, Including:

Best-in-class trading platform
Proprietary analytical tools
High fidelity data service
Capital to scale your trade
Ultra-low latency sub-microsecond execution
Software development support
World-class infrastructure and technology support
Capital & margin optimization
Talent development & recruiting
A partnership approach to risk management

Trade With Us


Geneva is always looking for successful traders and teams who are looking for superior technology, professional support, and a strong culture that supports revenue growth and personal development.


Ready to lead a creative, collaborative team or trading desk with an entrepreneurial edge? Contact us to start a conversation and learn how Geneva accelerates and rewards its talent and delivers that critical edge.

If you are a successful trader who has the background and desire to build and lead a team with a partner that celebrates creative brainstorming, an entrepreneurial spirit that blends individuality and collaboration, and disciplined risk taking to solve complex problems, contact us to start a conversation.

Rob CreamerPresident & CEO