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Fueling Our Competitive Edge with Data Science


Fueling Our Competitive Edge with Data Science

More than ever, opportunities in today’s markets lay hidden in a sea of data. Our success depends on our ability to analyze and manage data from all aspects of our business.

At Geneva, we recognize and value the contributions that our engineers and quants make in driving our unique culture of innovation and collaboration.
Experience the power of our comprehensive data analytics services, designed to enhance decision-making and drive trading success.

Our approach: Balancing speed and precision

Real-time trading: Prioritizing speed, we selectively curate our data to enable swift and decisive actions.
Historical analysis: Retaining complete datasets, we provide accurate and comprehensive insights.

High-fidelity data is a foundational component of automated trading. We provide ultra-fast real-time data to enhance execution performance and high-resolution historical data for analysis and opportunity discovery. Our goal is simple - to provide precise and robust data to allow you to discover and refine new strategies and to continually optimize your trading performance.

DarekCTO, Geneva Partner

Our Data Analytics Team Supports and Empowers Our Traders With:

Idea Generation
Performance Monitoring
Advanced Visualization Tools

Data Technologies

Empower your trading with our data technologies, including:

A suite of high-performing database technologies
A variety of robust messaging bus technologies
Insightful visualization tools
Highly-accessible and multifaceted analytics tools

We continually expand our offerings to provide more unique and powerful tools for your success.

Study Market Events, Backtest New Ideas, and Generate Alpha

Our custom resolution and high-performance data capture provides informative, granular datasets to help identify our strengths and weaknesses and bolster our market strategy.

Geneva’s Data Science is Powered By:

High Fidelity Data
timestamped in nanoseconds to ensure precise results
Robust Historical Data
covering many exchanges, asset classes, and instruments
Proprietary and Intuitive Analytical Platform
for both experienced data scientists and traders