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Learning & Career Development

Our Learning Philosophy

Drive your Career. Geneva is committed to the pursuit of continuous growth and professional development. We provide the support, opportunity, and resources that team members need to progress their careers.
Leverage Your Strengths. We take a strength-based approach to professional development that creates organizational impact. Geneva encourages our team members to identify their areas of expertise and align them with the firm’s business needs to create organizational impact.
Learn by Doing. We know better than anyone that the most meaningful development moments are experiential. Our formal learning programs are supported by real-world work and social connections that foster collaboration and an entrepreneurial spirit. Our team members learn by accepting new challenges while working side-by-side with industry leaders who provide mentorship and guidance.

Talent Development

Career Skills
Geneva educates at all levels on mastering the necessary skills that advance careers. We teach strength development, communication, collaboration, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence while growing skills in public speaking, prioritization, and delegation. We’re here to support team members in carving out their own career development goals and vision for success.
Industry Training
Geneva strives to do more than just stay competitive–we pace ahead of the curve and establish a decisive advantage that sets us apart from the rest. In an ever-changing environment, we ensure our traders and technologists are up-to-date with the latest industry trends, standards, and skillsets they need to succeed. Our results-driven curriculum positions our entire company for success.
Performance Framework
Geneva’s performance development process provides a proven path for employee growth. We empower our team members to set and achieve business goals, give and receive actionable feedback, and track their own progress, growth, and success.
Management Support
We know that strong managers are the key to an engaged, productive workforce. Our people managers receive structured support, formal learning programs, and mentorship which helps them develop their team, organize workflow, delegate, communicate, resolve conflict, and more.
Leadership Development
Our executive leaders do more than support the pursuit of ongoing learning and development for their teams; they practice it themselves. Our leaders participate in executive development, career coaching, strategic planning sessions, and leadership off-sites, all supporting their continued growth.
Learning as a Shared Service
By working collaboratively with leaders and subject matter experts across Geneva, our Learning and Development team delivers solutions that support team growth and individual success. From developing internal curricula to sourcing external learning partners, we build bench strength across teams while supporting organizational change and growth.